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Landscape Features

As any good dog owner knows, dogs need mental and physical stimulation to thrive. The landscape features built into the park here at Poundon Pastures provide plenty of opportunities for both. This allows both a good time for dog and owner alike. The unique setting allows you to see over 100miles from our raised viewpoint over the Oxfordshire countryside. The play features and landscaping have all been designed with your dog in mind. We have tunnels, climbing logs and a sandpit, meaning you can be assured that your dog will come home well exercised and happy.


Field Facilties

We know that dog walkers are out in all weathers but our field shelter allows you to get away from the weather, be it rain or shine. Attached to the shelter is a wash point to allow you to wash your dog down before going back home if you so choose and access to fresh drinking water for your dog. With multiple poo bins on site and a handy poo bag dispenser we've got you covered. We've also got seating and a picnic bench.



The 2m high secure fencing dug into the ground, drive in 'air-lock' style release pen and room to roam allow all types of dogs the freedom and space they need to both enjoy themselves and keep safe. Dogs of all  breeds are welcome here, but the safety and security provided are particularly suited to those with developing recall skills, bitches in heat, and those that want a place to roam free of the stresses that mixing with others can bring.

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