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How it Works?

Welcome to Poundon Pastures and thank you for your booking or interest in the park. We hope you have a happy and enjoyable time with your dog at our private and secure dog walking park.  We ask that for those who have never been before, you follow our simple guidance on what to do when attending for the first time and familiarise yourself with our park’s values and terms and conditions

google maps photo of Poundon Pastures

How to Find Us

The park is sited at Hill View Farm, about a mile outside the hamlet of Poundon.  You can find us on Google Maps as ‘Poundon Pastures’. Click on the link to bring you straight to us. Our What3Words address is "///headlines.sublime.makes"


Each booking slot is fixed to the hour. Please arrive and depart as near to the hour as possible to avoid overlapping with other users.  This will make the transition and change over for you and the previous user as trouble-free as possible.  Remember that you need to leave plenty of time to clear up, load up and vacate the park at the end of your session.

Wall Clock
Poundon Pastures Main Electric Gate

Accessing the main entrance

Poundon Pastures is located through the left-hand gateway, marked with the large sign on the gate.

Access is granted once you push the entrance button, which is sited on a wooden post to your right hand side as you drive up to the gate. Push this button to open the gate unless the gate is already open. 

The right hand gateway is for farm access only, so please do not obstruct or use this gateway in any way.

Approaching the main car park

The main car park is sited at the end of the driveway immediately in front of you and next to the perimeter fence of the dog park. The `waiting bay` is found immediately to your right as you enter the main parking area at the end of the drive. This is where you park up and wait for your session until the drive in secure release is free for you to enter.   It is very important that you do not let your dog out of the car in the waiting area as it is not secure and only release them when inside the drive in secure release pen.

Secure Dog Release Pen
Secure Dog Walking Field
Dog Walking near me

Accessing the release pen & the park

When it's time for your session to start and the secure release pen is free, open the big release pen gate.

To open the gate you move the bolt latch sideways. This is done by lifting up the metal flap on the left and then slide the bolt to the left hand side, Drive into the release pen then shut the gate behind you. You can let your dogs out in here when all the gates are secure.

To access the main park use the entrance foot gate near the field shelter. On this gate is the keypad. Here is where you type in the code that was text to you. Enter the code into the keypad and then enjoy! The gate will shut behind you so make sure you've got all your bits out of the car when you come in.

Using the park’s features

The Park as several landscape features designed for you and your dog to enjoy. Remember that the areas on and around the landscape features during wet conditions become muddy and slippery, so please wear appropriate footwear and if you feel your dog is at risk, please control them accordingly or refrain them from using the feature.  We hope you enjoy the use of our vantage point, sited at the bottom end of the park, but please do not climb, stand or breach the safety barrier and rails in place. If your dog decides to adventure around the safety barriers, then please be aware that it is your full responsibility should your dog fall or hurt itself by playing in this area. You need to be able to control your dog if you feel they are at risk.

You as dog owner and hirer of our park take full responsibility for yours, your childrens’, guests’ and your dog’s safety whilst using our park and its features. 

We provide mains water for your dog to drink from and a washdown area for those of you who`d prefer to wash your dog down before leaving the park. The stand pipe has a hose pipe connected for either filling the water bowl or for washing your dog down. Please make sure to turn it off after use and to wash the bowl out if you use it.

High Fencing around Dog Field
Dog Poo Bins

Keeping the park clean

It is important that you clean up after your dog and take their waste and your own litter home, so that the park is kept clean for everyone to enjoy.


Please bring your own waste bags, but should you run short or forget, there are some available from a dispenser at the park’s stable shelter.  You’ll find two bins on site for disposing of your dog’s waste, should you choose not to take it home with you. 

Leaving the Park

Please ensure you leave on time respecting your booking and other users. Please close the release pen gate behind you every time, even if there is someone waiting outside in the main parking area.

Stop and wait for the security gate to open when exiting the drive. 

We look forward to seeing you again soon!

Front gate near Bicester and Buckingham
Picnic spot for your dog
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