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Terms and Conditions


Terms and Conditions of Use

‘The Park Operator’:  Mr A. Harper  & Mrs C. Harper T/A Poundon Pastures, providing an area of land with secure dog walking facilities.  

‘The Park’: The area of land sited and operated by Poundon Pastures at Hill View Farm, Poundon, fenced within a secure 2 metre tall perimeter fence, used for the safe and secure exercising of dogs off lead.  

‘The Hirer’:  The person paying for the exclusive use of The Park. 

‘The Premises’:  The land owned by Hill View Farm, Poundon, Bicester, Oxon, the site of Poundon Pastures.  

‘The Site’:  The area of land and its features sited at Hill View Farm connected to the functioning of Poundon Pastures, including the front entrance, driveway, car park and The Park.

‘Guests’:  Any person or persons that have been invited to attend The Park instead of The Hirer or to accompany The Hirer during The Booking. 

‘The Booking’: The hourly time slot in which The Hirer has paid for exclusive use of The Park. 


Service Outline

  1. The Hirer is paying a fee for the exclusive use of The Park for a booking period of 1 x hour allowing for a suitable time within the hour to vacate the park promptly.  Subject to availability, The Hirer can choose to pay for multiple consecutive bookings, should they choose. 

  2. A maximum of 6 dogs in total may be exercised in The Park over the duration of The Booking. The number of dogs permitted in the Park is also limited by the type of booking the hirer makes (i.e a booking for either up to 3 dogs or for up to 6 dogs). The Hirer is not permitted to rotate between dogs e.g. the three dogs you choose to exercise, must remain the same dogs for the duration of the hour. 

  3. Should The Hirer wish to use The Park commercially, then they must contact the Park Operator first to seek prior approval.

  4. The Park is for the sole use of exercising dogs and is not for other recreational purposes including social gatherings. The maximum number of people permitted to access The Site at any one time is 6 unless otherwise arranged with The Park Operator.  Children under the age of 18 must be accompanied by an adult at all times who is fully responsible for their safety. Children are not permitted to make bookings under their own name.


Arrival and Departure 


  1. The Hirer agrees to arrive at The Site as close to time of their booking as possible.

  2. On arrival at The Site, The Hirer should wait in their car in the designated waiting area as signposted in the car park until their booking time starts and the previous user has vacated the secure release pen.  Only then should they enter the pen. 

  3. The Hirer will be sent a text message 1 x hour before their booking which will contain a gate access code to enable them to open The Park’s footgate.  The Hirer agrees to not let any other persons into the field other than those connected to The Hirer’s booking. 

  4. Should The Hirer be arriving by foot, then they should wait with their dog/s on a lead in the waiting area quietly and with respect of the previous park user’s space and privacy. 

  5. At the end of The Booking, The Hirer agrees to vacate The Park promptly, so that there is no delay to the next booking.  Once The Hirer has vacated The Park they agree to leave The Premises immediately. 

  6. Dogs must be kept in the car at all times until The Hirer has entered and closed the gate in the release pen.  Exercising dogs on the Premises other than in The Park is not permitted. 

  7. All gates connected to The Park should be closed and fastened by The Hirer at all times.

  8. If The Hirer arrives late or their time slot is delayed for whatever reason, then The Hirer agrees to vacate the field at the end of their allocated time, even if it is not their fault. 


Cleanliness and Security

  1. The Park Operator endeavours to keep The Park safe, tidy and clean through conducting regular checks of the perimeter fence and carrying out frequent inspections of The Park for dog waste.  The Park Operator, however, does not take responsibility for any dog waste left by a previous hirer/user.  It is the full responsibility of The Hirer to ensure that any waste that is left by their dog/s is picked up and either taken home or left in a degradable dog poo bag in  the bins provided.  There are x 2 bins on-site and a dog poo bag dispenser for The Hirer to use if needed. 

  2. When using The Park, should the Hirer discover any dog waste or damage to fencing by previous users, then The Hirer agrees to inform The Park Operator, so that the issue can be rectified and addressed as soon as possible.  

  3. The Hirer agrees to take any general waste that they generate home with them (including discarded dog treats) and to use the waste bins provided solely for dog waste. 

  4. Smoking and BBQs are strictly prohibited on The Premises due to the inherent fire risk and the safety of dogs, livestock and people on The Premises.

  5. The Hirer agrees not to divulge or give out passcodes to anyone else or let anyone else access The Park who is not affiliated with The Hirer’s own booking. 

  6. If deemed necessary The Park Operator retains the right for whatever reason to enter The Park during The Hirer’s booking. The User will be given the opportunity to vacate The Park in this instance if they so desire. 


Dog Health & Safety

  1. The Hirer takes full responsibility for the health and safety of their dog/s when using The Park. The Hirer shall indemnify the Park Operator against any loss, damage, claims or proceedings, and against any costs or expense arising out of or in connection therewith, in respect of any injury to or death of any person, or dog, or damage to any property real or personal caused by or arising out of or in the course of the use or misuse of the Park and Park equipment and Park Features.

  2. The Hirer agrees that their dog/s are adequately vaccinated (in particular leptospirosis, parvovirus, distemper and hepatitis) and up to date with worming, flea and tick treatments before attending The Park.  

  3. The Hirer agrees to not attend The Park for a period of at least 48hrs from when their dog/s suffered from a contagious illness.  Nor shall they use The Park if their dog/s are showing signs of illness (lethargy, diarrhoea, vomiting, general lethargy etc). 

  4. Dogs should be watched at all times and never left unattended or left to exercise out of their owner’s sight. 

  5. In using The Park, The Hirer confirms that they are appropriately insured to cover against any damage to The Premises or injury to any persons, caused by The Hirer or their dog/s. 


Booking Policy

1)All bookings are paid online by The Hirer in advance by card at the time of booking. 


2) The Hirer receives confirmation of The Booking via email immediately after booking. The keypad access code to The Park is sent via text message from an automated system 1 x hour before the allotted booking time by text message to your registered phone number.  The Park Operator cannot accept responsibility for any issues that may arise in connection with any incorrect details including mobile phone numbers that are given. It is the sole responsibility of The Hirer to contact or speak to The Park Operator directly in the event that the keypad access code is not received. The Park Operator cannot be held liable should the automated system not send a code.


4) The Hirer can cancel a booking if they wish, but bookings are fully non-refundable. A request to reschedule to an alternative date can be made up to 48hrs before The Hirer’s booked session starts. The ability to reschedule is not guaranteed and is subject to availability. Bookings can be rescheduled via the hirer's online account on the Poundon Pastures website. Within 48 hours before the start of the booking no alterations or cancellations can be made by The Hirer.


4) Although every effort will be made to avoid cancelling a booking by The Park Operator, The Park Operator reserves the right to close The Park at any time or to cancel any Bookings made.  If The Booking has to be cancelled by The Park Operator, a full refund will be issued or The Park Operator will endeavour to reschedule The Hirer’s booking to a mutually agreeable time.


5) There can be no extensions or refunds given for booking slots that for whatever reason may start late or may have been interrupted.  The Hirer agrees to vacate The Site at the end of their booking, regardless of a late or interrupted session. The Park Operator does not accept responsibility for the misuse of the field or for any late or interrupted booking session occurring as a result of a previous user/hirer of The Park.


5) if The Booking is made within 48 hours of the session's start time, it is not possible to rearrange or cancel The Booking.


Public Liability

  1. The Hirer shall indemnify the Park Operator against any loss, damage, claims or proceedings, and against any costs or expense arising out of or in connection therewith, in respect of any injury to or death of any person, or damage to any property real or personal caused by or arising out of or in the course of the use or misuse of the Park and Park equipment and Park Features.


  1. The Hirer and all Attendees of The Park accept that through the nature of accessing The Park, there are inherent slip, trip and fall hazards; and moving and falling object hazards typical to that of the countryside. These include and are not limited to muddy ground conditions, uneven ground and slippery surfaces.  The Hirer agrees to use The Park’s landscape features and obstacles with appropriate caution.   Appropriate clothing and footwear should be worn at all times and obstacles are for the use of dogs only.  Although The Park Operator will do their best to manage the level of risk, accessing the Park is done wholly at the risk of The Hirer. 


  1. Sited within The Park is a raised viewing platform for the enjoyment of the park users. This area is raised up from the surrounding ground level. The Hirer and all Park Users agree that they will not climb on or around this feature and will not climb on or around the safety barriers in place.


  1. The Hirer is strongly advised to insure their dog/s before using The Park. 


  1. If The Hirer is utilising The Park for business purposes (e.g. dog walking or dog training services), they must have their own public liability insurance to cover their own business activities.


  1. The Hirer accepts that should another person attend the field on their behalf or as a guest, that they, The Hirer, is held fully accountable.  The Hirer agrees to make their Guest/s /  attendees fully aware of the Terms and Conditions / field rules in place. 


  1. Children are welcome to attend with The Hirer under The Hirer’s full responsibility and must be supervised at all times. The Site and The Premises are not child safe, so The Hirer agrees for children to be present at their own risk.  The obstacles, features and fencing should not be climbed or used by children at any time.  The Hirer is responsible for children not breaking the Terms and Conditions. 


  1. Should any property, possessions or object sited on The Premises be damaged by The Hirer, their Guest or by their dog/s, then they may be held financially accountable.  


  1.  Should The Hirer’s dog/s escape The Site, The Park Operator accepts no liability for any such occurrence or consequence thereafter.  Should any stress, damage or death occur to any livestock on The Premises due to The Hirer’s negligence, then The Hirer may be held fully liable and financially accountable. 


  1. Poundon Pastures is sited at Hill View Farm, a working farm with grazing livestock in adjacent fields during certain times.  Therefore, every effort should be made to ensure that any person or persons do not go beyond the permitted access of The Site.  Not only could they cause distress to livestock, but they could also endanger their own life.  The Venue accepts no responsibility or liability for death or injury as a result of any person(s) trespassing in fields outside The Site. 


Additional Terms 

  1. The Hirer shall not act in any way or use The Site outside the Terms of Agreement that cause any nuisance, damage, disturbance, annoyance, inconvenience or interference to any adjoining or neighbouring properties and/or landowners, occupiers, or users of adjoining or neighbouring property.


  1. There are times of the year when farm animals may be present in adjacent fields to The Park.  The Hirer should not attend The Site during these times of the year if they know of any reactivity of their dog/s when near farm animals if this level of reactivity and subsequent behaviours are likely to cause distress to either their dog or to the farm animals. The Hirer is welcome to contact The Park Operator for further clarification around farm animals' presence and locations during the year.


  1. The Venue will at its own discretion calculate the reasonable rectifiable costs chargeable to The Hirer should The Site be left in an unsatisfactory condition.


  1. The Hirer agrees to be respectful to other people using The Park. 


  1. Should there be a significant and a non-rectifiable breach of the Terms of Agreement or The Hirer acts in an illegal or immoral manner, then The Venue reserves the right to cancel The Booking, without refund.  The Park Operator reserves the right to ask The Hirer and any Guests to leave The Premises with immediate effect should The Hirer be in breach of the Terms of Agreement. 


  1. Whilst The Park Operator respects that dogs may bark, The Hirer is asked to restrict their dog/s from barking excessively as much as possible.

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