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Park Values

We ask that all that use the park adhere to our shared values and through placing a booking agree to keep these values and agree to the terms & conditions of bookings.


We want users of the park to enjoy the peaceful environment and to treat it with respect. This involves keeping to the timings and scope of your booking, collecting any dog waste, taking your litter with you, ensuring your dog does not damage the environment and treating the facilities with respect. We ask that you respect the safety of your dog and others by ensuring that the release pen gate is fully locked  before you enter the park and after you leave the park. To respect other users privacy we ask that you remain in your car in the marked waiting bay until any other park users have vacated the secure release pen before entering


To ensure fairness between all users of the park, we ask that you keep strictly to the timings of your booking. As such we ask you do not enter the site more than 5 minutes before your booking and do not enter the release pen before your booking starts and ensure you have fully vacated it by the time your booking is up, including washing your dog if you choose to.


To ensure the wellbeing of your dog and others that use the park, we ask that all dogs that visit the park are fully vaccinated and are free from any illnesses, diseases or pests. We also strongly suggest that any dogs that visit the park are fully insured, as the park management accepts no responsibility or liability for any accident, injury or illness that may arise from the use of the park.


If another user of the park has not demonstrated keeping the above values, we ask that you report it to the park management rather than deal with issues yourself. This includes reporting any dog waste, reporting any damage to the park features or fencing, and keeping to the timings and scope of the booking so that this can be promptly addressed. If a park user is regularly found to not be adhering to our values, they will not be permitted to continue to use the park.

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